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Telemark Techniques

$ 30.00

Fourth book in the “AUTHENTIC SERIES
by Pat Virch

History and design variations, fully illustrated. All projects shown in color, several paint-along pages. Complete color-keyed patterns. 64 pages

20,000 copies of this book have been sold, but it is presently
OUT OF PRINT since 1994!

We have a very limited number gently used copies. This is one of the original class copies used by the author when first teaching from this text. This volume of 64 pages is in excellent condition; the color cover is not attached but included in the folder. Contained in book are 4 pages of early history, including 9 photos of actual old pieces of Rosemaling from 1700 & 1800s.

Quoting from the Preface. “In writing Telemark Techniques we are offering very complete and advanced instructions on how to do Norwegian Rosemaling and have zeroed in on the area of Norway called Telemark. In this book we hope to give concise and new insight into how the very old Telemark Style was accomplished”.

Excellent working photos show the artist’s hands painting and executing stroke styles, surface preparations, glazing and antiquing techniques, with 37 photos. All other chapters are likewise illustrated, 6 pages in full color show not only actual decorated boxes & plates, but also very clear color combinations with painted floral & scroll examples. There are 26 projects; full sized patterns for each piece and complete color-coded.

This volume is an excellent example of best, “How To Do It” in the decorative painting arena. Pat Virch received her Gold Medal of Excellence in 1974 and her excellence as a teacher is shown in this instruction book.

This volume is sure to be of interest to novice and experienced decorative painters, book collectors, and as a resource of Folk Art History.

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