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Decorated Tinware

$ 8.50

An Early American Folk-Art Book

Third Book in the “AUTHENTIC SERIES
by Pat Virch

History and techniques of country tin painting, stenciling, freehand bronzing, and gold leaf with full-sized pattern portfolio.

This is a 62 page book filled with 47 colored pictures of decorated tinware including complete and detailed instructions. Book also includes 34 pages of authentic patterns drawn from earlier works.

Chapter 1 Tinware in American History
Chapter 2 General Directions
Chapter 3 Preparations of Surface
Chapter 4 Country Tin Painting
Chapter 5 Freehand Bronzing
Chapter 6 Stenciled Decorations
Chapter 7 Techniques of Gold Leaf
Chapter 8 Antique & Finishing

Patterns Portfolio. (pages 24 to 58)