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    Unprimed tinware. 13.5”x8”x2” Free standing or hanging. Crafted in the American Colonial Tradition, in 1976.
  • $ 3.00 - $ 5.00

    Plate and Book Holder

    Rolled and folded, authentic tinware, primed. 6” high.
  • $ 6.75

    Recipe Box

    Tinware, primed. 3.5” x 5.5”. 8” tall.
  • $ 19.00

    Rectangular Bun Tray

    Primed, heavy gauge tinware. 13.5” x 8”
  • $ 15.00

    Rosemaling in the Round

    Second Book in the “AUTHENTIC SERIES” by Pat Virch Design concepts of Telemark, Hallingdal, and Rogaland. Compete text on technique and design. Fully illustrated with eight pages in full color, including three paint-along pages, dozens of step-by-step black and white photos and a portfolio of more than 50 full sized patterns so you can paint plates, bowls, and boxes all in the round shapes. 96 pages.
  • $ 10.00

    Rosemaling: Norwegian Folk Art Fun

    Sixth book in this “AUTHENTIC SERIES” by Pat Virch Pat Virch has proven her expertise as she offers more of the graceful and loose forms of Telemark and Hallingdal in her sprightly style. Here are more than 48 motifs for painting on various unique and useful objects. With 24 full color painted projects shown and stroke work instructions and color keyed throughout. Total 40 pages with four in full color.
  • $ 5.00 - $ 7.00

    Sherbet Plate

    7” tin plate (primed) with clear glass 6” plate liner.
  • $ 3.50

    Small Bucket

    Tin Bucket, welded seams, riveted handle brackets. 5” tall, 6” diameter at the top.
  • $ 3.50

    SPECIAL DISCOUNT on Decorated Tinware

    DISCOUNT WITH ANY TINWARE PURCHASE: An Early American Folk-Art Book Third Book in the “AUTHENTIC SERIES” by Pat Virch History and techniques of country tin painting, stenciling, freehand bronzing, and gold leaf with full-sized pattern portfolio. This is a 62 page book filled with 47 colored pictures of decorated tinware including complete and detailed instructions. Book also includes 34 pages of authentic patterns drawn from earlier works. Chapter 1 Tinware in American HistoryChapter 2 General DirectionsChapter 3 Preparations of SurfaceChapter 4 Country Tin PaintingChapter 5 Freehand BronzingChapter 6 Stenciled DecorationsChapter 7 Techniques of Gold LeafChapter 8 Antique & Finishing Patterns...
  • $ 11.00

    Swedish Folk Painting of Dalarna

    Fifth Book in the “AUTHENTIC SERIES” by Pat Virch Concise history, technique instruction and patterns are accomplished by black and white illustrations. Eight pages in full color and 24 pages of full-sized designs. Learn the charming style of wall and furniture painting of Dalarna, Sweden. Designs feature the kurbits, large floral spray, painted hall scenes, the “signature of Sweden.” Painting can be done with acrylic paints or oil colors. 48 pages.
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    Tin Bottle with Lid

    10” tall x 5.5” diameter. Unprimed new tinware.
  • $ 15.00

    Tin Treasure Chest

    6×9x6 with ring handles and a working latch. Unprimed.
  • $ 3.75

    Towel and Mitten Hanger

    Tinware, primed. Hang your mittens, your pajamas, your towels. 10”x 4”
  • $ 15.00

    Traditional Norwegian Rosemaling

    First book in the “AUTHENTIC SERIES” by Pat Virch History and technique instructions for the beginning rosemaler with photographs, full color covers on front and back for helpful color guide. Teachers are using this book as a text in classes. This 50 page manual includes over 75 designs. A BEST SELLER! 37,000 copies of this book have been sold. It is presently available only as a B&W reproduction copy.
  • $ 3.00

    Wall Vase

    11.5” x 5” primed tinware.
  • $ 10.00

    Walnut Plaques

    These oval plaques are made from solid US grown walnut. To be fine-sanded and finished before painting. 6.5×8.5 inch ovals, 1/2 inch thick.